Why I Wish I’d Posted This Selfie for Cancer

Cancer Selfie

No amount of kale could make up for Josie’s lack of visible eyelashes.

This week’s make-up-free meme saw shiny noses and bare cheeks generate a staggering 2 million pounds for cancer research, simultaneously boosting cancer awareness and sales of tinted moisturiser.

After I was nominated by my best mate, her mum a Big C survivor, it got me thinking about another awareness we could be cultivating.

Hint: it’s to do with food.

(It’s almost always to do with food.)

Eat More Green Leafy Veg



Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries  and Seeds. These are some of plant-based foods shown to be protective and preventative when it comes to cancer and other inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Joel Furhman, a New York M.D. with a love of good acronyms, came up with the list, suggesting that by eating these foods every day, we could substantially reduce our risk of developing cancer.

So while dedicated work continues to treat and support, how about we get our faces behind something we can do every day: eat for prevention.

Ask yourself: where can I add more green, leafy vegetables? Use that beautiful face to eat them. Take a picture. Post it online. Start a veggie-selfie revolution.

I promise to click ‘like.’


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